18 Dec 2008

Permanent secretary of Fiji's President has no plans to quit

9:22 am on 18 December 2008

The permanent secretary of Fiji's President, whose son is embroiled in a diplomatic scandal with New Zealand, says he has no plans to quit his job so his son can complete his degree.

It is understood Fiji has threatened to send New Zealand's acting High Commissioner, Caroline McDonald, home unless Wellington agrees to let the George Nacewa return to study.

Rupeni Nacewa says his son is disappointed, but he was appointed to do a job.

He says he has not approached the interim government to intervene.

"I mean, I am a career civil servant, and I have been with the president's office since 2004, so I see no no reason why I should give up my job. As a civil servant you work for any government, the government of the day whether it's legitimate or."

Rupeni Nacewa says he thinks the New Zealand government is being too harsh, especially on innocent children.