30 Oct 2008

Bounty mutineer descendants celebrate in Tahiti

5:13 pm on 30 October 2008

82 direct descendants of six H.M.S. Bounty mutineers unveiled a memorial this week to celebrate the ship's crew and its arrival in Tahiti.

They celebrated the 220th anniversary by unveiling a stone monument at Venus Point, which is next to Matavai Bay, where Lt. William Bligh anchored the Bounty in October, 1788.

He had come to Tahiti in search of breadfruit to take to the British West Indies.

Instead, Acting Lt. Fletcher Christian and a group of sailors staged a mutiny nearly a month after the Bounty left Tahiti.

At the ceremony, 82 bounty mutineer descendants from Norfolk Island and one from Pitcairn Island attended.

In 2005, a memorial stone was unveiled to remember the 10 Tahitian women who left Tahiti with the Bounty mutineers for Pitcairn Island and never were able to return.