25 Oct 2008

Fiji's Bainimarama says Clark wants to be Queen of Pacific

10:48 am on 25 October 2008

Fiji's interim prime minister has accused New Zealand's Prime Minister of wanting to be Queen of the Pacific, but she she's laughed off the criticism.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama made the comments during an interview on Radio Tarana, which is based in Auckland.

He says Indo-fijians living in New Zealand shouldn't vote for Miss Clark, or the Trade Minister, Phil Goff, in the upcoming election.

"She never understood what is happening in Fiji, and she will never want to understand what's happening in Fiji. All she wants is this grand idea of being lady of the Pacific and she has been very vocal against Fiji and what we have been trying to fight for, which is equality for everyone is Fiji."

But Helen Clark says his comments will have no bearing on the New Zealand election.

Well, I amused really because he is quick to complain when anyone says anything about politics in Fiji and then gets on a local radio station and blasts away about our politics. I think we just got to have a chuckle.

The Labour Party leader, Helen Clark.