18 Jul 2008

Fiji media council stunned by interim regime's regulation

1:37 pm on 18 July 2008

Fiji's media council says the move by the interim regime to regulate the media is deceitful and deceptive.

The interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says the new law will set up a new tribunal to hear appeals on complaints lodged with the media council.

The head of the Fiji Media Council, Darryl Tarte, says the announcement was totally unexpected.

"At the media council meeting on Wednesday, the interim attorney general was invited to talk to council members about the Government's-media relationship, and he cateorically stated the government did not intend introducing any form of legislation. The very next day it is announced that government are going to impose legislation"

Daryl Tarte says the Council is meeting this afternoon to decide what to do next.