9 Jul 2008

Australia and NZ foreign ministers welcome in Suva if there to help, says Fiji regime

8:55 pm on 9 July 2008

Fijis Interim Government says the New Zealand and Australian foreign ministers are welcome to attend a Pacific Forum meeting in Suva - as long as they are there to help.

The Fiji Times says the Chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, Tonga's Prime Minister, Dr Fred Sevele, confirmed the two countries taking part in the meeting.

The interim government's spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni says it is up to them whether they help.

"The Government stand is quite clear, in that when people from abroad do come in to assist in trying to move the country forward, there is no concern. It's only when people come in and try and be a hinderance in trying to move the country forward."

Major Neumi Leweni