1 Jul 2008

Freedom of information laws highlighted at workshop in Solomon Islands

10:41 am on 1 July 2008


A Pacific Islands Forum workshop in Honiara this week is aiming to educate public officials from around the region about the importance of freedom of information laws.

The regional governance advisor for the Forum, Dr Henry Ivarature says information laws is a vital cog in the Pacific Plan's aim to improve governance.

He says with the UNDP, the Forum is trying to carry this message to senior government officials, particularly those that develop policy.

"We don't expect people to introduce legislation overnight. What we expect to do is to try and introduce this governance value, or this freedom of information, which we see as a mechanism for enchancing good governance, to take it across to the policy makers.

Dr Henry Ivarature.

Only Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands have freedom of information laws.