27 Jun 2008

Some Solomons Telekom workers back on the job

9:46 am on 27 June 2008

The Solomons High Court has been told the Government has no power to influence the sacking of Solomon Telekom's Chief Executive Officer, Martyn Robinson.

The Government has been pressuring the National Provident Fund, Telekom's majority shareholder to replace Mr Robinson.

Reviewing a court order issued on Wednesday for the striking employees to end their eight day strike and return to work, counsel for Telekom John Sullivan says about 175 workers have now returned to work in Honiara.

However he told the court they could not check on the remainder of Telekom's 300-hundred employees in the provincial centres because all communication links to those centres are still out of service.

Presiding Judge, Justice Edwin Goldsbrough says he was happy with the employees response to his order to return to work and will make his final review today.