8 Jan 2008

New Zealand businessman Khan allowed to return to Fiji home

5:23 pm on 8 January 2008

The New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, has been released from a hospital in Fiji and allowed to return to his Suva home.

The release follows today's adjournment of court proceedings challenging his detention without charge.

Mr Khan has spent just over two months in hospital, being treated for injuries received after his November 3rd arrest.

He was detained along with 17 other people, ten of whom have been charged with plotting to kill Fiji's leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

Mr Khan's lawyer, Peter Williams QC, says the Fiji police have signed an affidavit allowing Mr Khan's doctors to release him.

Mr Williams says his doctors say there is no reason he should not be at home, but he is still an ill man.

He says one guard tried to stop the car when Mr Khan left hospital, but there was no injury.

Peter Williams says he hopes the police now act with humanity and respect to Mr Khan's dignity now.

He says today's hearing has been adjourned until Thursday.