16 Nov 2007

Fiji Human Rights Commission concerned over media attention to plot suspect Khan

1:01 pm on 16 November 2007

The Fiji Human Rights Commission has expressed serious concern about the media frenzy surrounding the medical and physical condition of the assassination conspiracy suspect, Ballu Khan.

The commission's director, Dr Shaista Shameem, says Mr Khan needs his privacy like any other person and has questioned whether the public want to know reported details of his bowel movements.

Dr Shameem says even a person who is being questioned by police and suspected of committing an offence is entitled to privacy.

She says the Fiji Human Rights Commission agrees with the president of the Law Society that politicians should stop manipulating the situation and leave the matter to the courts.

Dr Shameem says it is better not to make public statements that may give the public the impression that everyone has pre-judged the case.

She says she has received complaints about the current media frenzy on the issue from members of the public who are concerned that this may constitute interference with police investigations.

Dr Shameem says Mr Khan's detention, hospitalisation and police interview will be addressed by the courts when the time comes and they should be allowed to review these matters properly and impartially.