23 Aug 2007

Further education supplies to go to Solomon Islands Western and Choiseul provinces

5:22 am on 23 August 2007

Further supplies of education material are being sent to the Choiseul and Western Provinces in Solomon Islands which were hit by a tsunami and earthquake in April.

This follows the release of an emergency education assessment report which shows that the schooling of more than 18,000 children was significantly disrupted by the disaster.

Of those, more than 11,000 students will not have permanent schools to attend until rehabilitation gets under way.

The report also states that over 40 percent of housing for education staff was completely destroyed or sustained major damage.

UNICEF and the Ministry of Education is co-ordinating the delivery of a second wave of supplies to the areas which include tents for schools, school in a box and recreation kits.

A national officer for education recovery is also being arranged and a back to school campaign is under way.