16 Aug 2007

Chinese investors expected to build huge Niue hotel

3:54 pm on 16 August 2007

The premier of Niue, Young Vivian, says he is hoping that a Chinese investment group will begin construction of a 100-room hotel by the end of the year.

The Chinese investors have been on Niue this week and Mr Vivian says they are committed to the project, which is likely to include a golf course.

He says he believes the land the group wants on the north coast has been secured.

Mr Vivian, who hopes the hotel will be at least partially ready for use if Niue hosts the Forum summit next year, says the Chinese have not considered other ventures on this trip.

"I said, you know, one thing at a time, so this is the first project that they will be doing here on Niue. There are other things that we are thinking about but, no, we have concentrated on tourism and hopefully this will be possible, and bring other flights into Niue."

Young Vivian