21 Mar 2006

Swains Island still waiting on help after it was damaged by a cyclone a year ago

7:44 pm on 21 March 2006

American Samoa officials will be visiting Swains island shortly to complete their assessment of what repairs are needed after cyclone damage a year ago.

Swains island is a US territory situated between American Samoa and Tokelau.

American Samoa's representative for Swains Island, Alex Jennings, says the school and dispensary suffered the worst damage after Cyclone Percy last year.

Mr Jennings says he's hopeful reconstruction work can finally get underway in June.

He says the delay is due to the difficulty he's experienced in getting US federal assistance to help rebuild.

"And that's part of the problem we're having right now is just getting some assistance. So far everything since gotten back is we've gotten a lot of cooperation and things just take a little time. Meantime we have some displaced families here and I want to make sure they have all the proper facilities before we put them back there."

American Samoa's representative for Swains Island Alex Jennings.