8 Dec 2005

Solomons Parliament to complete work on draft of federal constitution - Prime Minister

7:13 pm on 8 December 2005

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakesa, says a parliamentary congress will complete work on the draft of the federal constitution.

He told Parliament today that it will be formed into a Committee of the Whole House to consider the draft.

Sir Allan explained to Parliament that unforeseen technical and legal difficulties meant that the federal bill could not go before Parliament in this session.

He says it is not a task any Government alone should tackle but should be done openly in Parliament, and be inclusive and bipartisan.

Sir Allan said that the principles that ought to underlie a new federal constitution are that:

The integrity and status of clans and tribal communities are restored:

The autonomy of provinces and/or states is assured:

Economic and political justice are restored.

Governments and institutions are legitimate and representative in ways that foster respect, harmony and peace.

The traditional rights and fundamental human rights and freedoms are realized and guaranteed in a mutually compatible way.

And all people have equal opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and potential.