15 Aug 2005

Solomons and Vanuatu to discuss shipping service

7:25 am on 15 August 2005

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, and his Vanuatu counterpart, Ham Lini, have raised the issue of a shipping service between their two countries.

Sir Allan was speaking after a visit by Mr Lini to Honiara

He said both leaders had discussed strengthening mutual trade through a number of initiatives including a shipping service.

Sir Allan said Vanuatu has also been assisting Solomon Islands with international airline services through Air Vanuatu.

He also urged Mr Lini, to work towards an agreement on sharing patrols of their common sea boundary.

He said the importance of common border control and patrol couldn't be underestimated, given the threats posed by drug traffickers, money laundering, people smugglers and illegal fishers.

Sir Allan said these threats didn't only threaten both nations' security but could undermine their development.