11 Aug 2005

Hawaii private school gets overwhelming support over restrictive admissions policy

3:32 pm on 11 August 2005

A private school in Hawaii has been overwhelmed by local support to appeal a court ruling overturning its Native Hawaiian admissions policy.

Last week, a US court ruled in favour of a non-Hawaiian student who had applied on several occasions to attend the school.

The unnamed student won the case on the grounds that the policy violated anti-discrimination laws.

A spokesperson for Kamakameha Schools, Ann Botticelli, says the school was set up by a member of the Hawaiian royal family over a century ago.

She says the aim of the school was to help native Hawaiians to further their education.

"This is really about the children. And its about educating thousands of Hawaiian children for many years into the future. We really believe this is worth fighting and we're hopeful that we'll prevail an appeal."

Ann Botticelli says the school has until August 23 to file papers to appeal.