29 Apr 2004

American Samoa governor gives bureaucrats warning

6:30 am on 29 April 2004

The American Samoa Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has issued a final warning to government departments against violations of set policies and regulations.

Togiola has found that some departments are not adhering to recognised policies regarding the establishment of higher paying positions, payments of overtime hours and Inter-Departmental transfer of expenditures from one account to another.

In a memorandum, Togiola said departments are strictly prohibited from deleting lower positions to create higher paying positions, unless there are sufficient funds to cover the type of transaction.

He also said the payout of overtime hours is disallowed unless the governor gives prior approval and the transfer of expenditures can only occur with prior authorisation from the budget office.

Togiola says departure from these policies will not be tolerated and enforcement of his latest directive, effective immediately, must be treated seriously.