30 Oct 2002

Israeli aid to the Pacific not conditional on whether region supports Israel in UN

12:48 pm on 30 October 2002

Israel's Ambassador to the Pacific, Gabby Levy has confirmed that his country's aid to the region is not tied to whether or not island nations support Israel in the United Nations.

Mr Levy's comments come after a recent visit to Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands to lobby for their support in the UN.

The Canberra based Ambassador says Israel's technical and human resource assistance and aid to the north pacific is unconditional.

Since becoming UN members in the early nineties, both the Marshalls and FSM have been staunch supporters of Israel while plans are being made to increase Palau's participation in the UN.

Mr Levy says Pacific countries are free to vote for or against Israel in the UN and that there is no pressure applied by his country.

"We bring our own experts and specialists to the islands to conduct training sessions and support for the local systems and organisations. We run thses kinds of programmes in countries who do not support Israel. Certainly they are not dependent on each other."