18 Sep 2002

Five police in PNG suspended pending enquiry into youth's death

5:32 pm on 18 September 2002

Five policemen have been suspended following the killing of a 12-year old boy in the Papua New Guinea province of Western Highlands.

The provincial commander, Chief Superintendent Allan Kundi, says the five were stood down after allegations that they shot at a house in which the boy was asleep and then set the house and his body on fire.

Five other family members escaped the house in Tumur Village, where it is claimed the police burnt down a total of four buildings.

Superintendent Kundi says that five policemen involved were part of a unit investigating the killing of a police offical two weeks ago.

"They were in the process of going to a village, which we believe there were some suspects still hiding there, but it looks like they've gone overboard ........ a bit too heavy handed I can say from this end."

Superintendent Kundi says a Taskforce has been set up to look into the allegations.