1.00 Heath Lees on Wagner

Heath Lees

Heath Lees Photo: Supplied

Heath Lees is Emeritus Professor of Music at the University of Auckland, and well-known to RNZ Concert listeners for his enlightening and entertaining radio programmes. He’s also founder of the Wagner Society of New Zealand, and in demand internationally for his insights into Wagner’s music.  He’ll be giving a day-long presentation on Wagner’s Ring in Dunedin, with images, film clips, audio snippets and more.

1.30 Norman Meehan reviews Uri Caine

Pianist and composer Uri Caine

Pianist and composer Uri Caine Photo: Suplied

Pianist and composer Uri Caine is touring the country, first with the New Zealand String Quartet, then on his own. On the weekend he performed interpretations of Shubert, Beethoven and Bach. Norman Meehan went to the Michael Fowler Centre to see Uri Caine perform.