20 Sep 2019

The Works Limerick Competition: Percussion

From The Works, 11:00 am on 20 September 2019
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Photo: Oregon Symphony


Play percussion! Spend much of your year
Packing in and out truckloads of gear
And the really cool bit?
That one wrong note you hit
Is the one thing the audience will hear

Paula Weir, Wellington


Highly Commended:

With expert and sensitive micing              
Whether soft, or too loud for your liking
    On wood, skin or metal            
    With sticks in fine fettle           
A performance can be really striking       

Martin Dew, Karamu 


Your drumsticks can get in a tangle,        
Your wind machine sounds like a strangle.           
But give it a "ting",         
It's a magical thing,         
The cute, basic, lowly triangle    

Kay, Waikanae