11 Oct 2019

The Works Limerick Competition: Wind Instruments

From The Works, 9:07 am on 11 October 2019
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Photo: Gerard Hoffnung


This week’s winner:

You don't play the didgeridoo
by just blowing until you turn blue
    -  Get a surgeon to stitch
    in a tracheal switch
Then just swap between lungs 1 and 2

Graeme Cairns, Te Pahu



Highly commended:

Music's more than just beautiful tunes.
You can make it by playing the spoons,
An oboe or two
And a didgeridoo,
A kazoo, and a brace of bassoons



Though he hails not from where we are born.
As the rising sun heralds the dawn
    'Mongst the sounds to be heard
    Who could fail to be stirred
By the sound of a piper at dawn

Martin Dew, Karamu