4 Oct 2019

The Works Limerick Competition: Settling the Score

From The Works, 9:32 am on 4 October 2019

Personal preferences come to the fore in this week's limerick competition with the theme: Settling the Score

This week's winner:

Though I’m fond of the lark while ascending
The rules, I’m afraid, may need bending:
Its score is so high
It must take a bye
Or its presence will be never-ending.

- Martin Purdy


Highly Commended:

To pick out a favourite at random -
The most difficult task you could hand 'em
The audience choice
Will speak with one voice:
"De gustibus non disputandum" ("there's no accounting for taste")

- Martin Dew, Karamu


I'll leave playing favourites to you
You certainly know what to do!
Though first in my heart
Is always Mozart
I'll happily widen my view!

- Kathy Gillard, Christchurch