13 Sep 2019

The Works Limerick Competition: Organs

From The Works, 11:12 am on 13 September 2019
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Photo: pixabay.com


This week's winner:

An organist from the elite,
When asked why he played in bare feet.
Said "I play Bach and Handel
but I once lost a jandal
Playing Brubeck's Take 5 for a treat"

Martin Dew



Highly Commended:

Besieged by a crisis of funds
Said the organ collector "I'm done!"
So in the interests of science
And to repay his clients
His organs he sold, one by one.

Graham Cairns


Some suggested the organist retire,
But he rated his skills somewhat higher,
He could still play so fast,
That he finished the last
Chorus three bars ahead of the choir!

Paula Weir