6 Sep 2019

The Works Limerick Competition: Choirs

From The Works, 10:16 am on 6 September 2019
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Photo: Jan van Eyck


This week's winner: 

There was a young man whose desire
Was to write some great songs for a choir
But the songs were quite sad
And the music so bad
That the scores ended up in the fire.

Andrew, Christchurch


Highly commended:

When Berlioz wrote his Grande Messe
Many thought it to be in excess
But with such an enormous
Band of performers
It turned out to be a success

Bernard Redshaw


There once was a runaway choir 
Who's pitch kept drifting higher
It rose through the mass
And it soon came to pass
That they all got to meet the Messiah



A choir met Wednesday, noon
Every week in my Nan's drawing room.
They're so happy and proud
No-one mentions (aloud)
That their cats could sing better in tune

Paula Weir


As a treble my voice did inspire
And my descants soared higher & higher
But when puberty struck
My voice came unstuck
And I was kicked out of the choir!

Andrew, Christchurch


Thomas Tallis a man of the arts
Wrote a motet in just 40 parts.
He would have writ more
But the size of the score
Was too much for his singers' weak hearts

Simon, Akaroa