13 Jul 2018

The Works Limerick Competition: NZ Composers

From The Works, 11:30 am on 13 July 2018
John Psathas

John Psathas Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

This week's winner:

John Psathas is very well-known
For psinging a psong that’s home grown
Is it Kiwi or Greek
His music so sleek?
No, his psyche and psalms are his own. 

Simon Tipping


Honourable Mentions:

There is a composer called Dorothy
Who played violin with authority
She retired to the bay
Where she’s right to this day
Her music is known for sonority

Barry Allom, Christchurch


If rugby has made us world famous
Our composers also don't shame us
While Lorde and Split Enz
Have set popular trends
For classics Farr, Lilburn and Whitehead sustain us

Eske Hos


Jack Body’s a gamelan man
With his gongs, saron and kendang
Be it music from Bali,
From China or Mali
He’s our world-music renaissance man.

Anonymous of Tonga


E Ihoa Atua,
I like works by Farquhar,
But for music with a beat,
I will sing and stamp my feet
to my favourite Gareth Farr!

Brian Clark


David Farquhar came up with a tune
Thought "I'll use that one in a suite soon
About something that's got
A ring round it, but what?
Maybe Saturn? The bath? No, the moon!" 

Paula Weir, Aro Valley