6 Jul 2018

The Works Limerick Competition: Romantic Composers

From The Works, 11:30 am on 6 July 2018
Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz Photo: supplied

This week's winner:

Franz Schubert took bait, line and hook
And set off to a neighbouring brook.
With no fish about
He, instead, wrote "The Trout"
While lamenting, "No dinner to cook!"

Blanche Charles


Honourable Mentions

There once was a fellow named Satie 
Who adored a song & a party.
Then one Saturday,
they asked him to play,
Said he, "I'm NOT arty farty!"

Ambury Hall


A young Russian muso, Tchaikovsky
Haunted the Alps, where he’d oft ski
Although a Romantic,
was rather pedantic
Would sometimes, despite a bad cough, ski

Mike Dee


A musical member of Parliament
Wrote a treatise: My views on what Mahler meant
When admonished by Rob
For neglecting his job
He composed and performed a Guitar Lament.

Shirley Schmidli


There was once a composer called Brahms,
Who dreamt that he had no arms,
He thought this was odd
So he prayed to God
Who said write a Sanctus, a hymn and ten psalms.

Kath (Chch)


A middle-aged lover of Brahms
Remarked that, for all the alarms
And drama of Liszt
And Wagner, he missed
Johannes’s more gentle charms.

Anon. (Tonga)