21 May 2013

Dave Brubeck (Part 6)

From Sound Lounge, 8:00 pm on 21 May 2013

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Dave Brubeck July CC BY SA Bert Verhoeff Anefo
Dave Brubeck at the North Sea Jazz festival in Den Haag, July 1977. Photo CC BY SA 3.0 Bert Verhoeff/Anefo

The music Brubeck wrote for chamber groups, choir and orchestra, presented by Norman Meehan.

Music Details

BRUBECK: Pange Lingua Variations - Telarc 80621
BRUBECK: Elementals - CK 85992
BRUBECK: Except the Lord Build the House
BRUBECK: To Hope, Alleluia - Telarc 80430
BRUBECK: Beloved Son mvt1 - Telarc 80621
BRUBECK: Regret - Telarc 80621