26 Jan 2019

Sound Lounge: Brian Eno now; Claire Cowan's hypnotic and meditative Subtle Dances; Huerco S's future ambient classic

From Sound Lounge, 9:30 pm on 26 January 2019

Saturday 26 January

9:30pm Brian Eno: Eno Now

In this final episode Thomas Goss looks at Eno's film scores, along with his most recent (up until 2014) projects as producer, collaborator, and solo artist.

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Claire Cowan - Subtle Dances

Claire Cowan

Claire Cowan Photo: Supplied

Subtle Dances is a set of three short moods for piano trio. In writing, I have tried to approach the works as intuitively as possible. For me this creates the greatest connection between me as a composer, the performers, and the audience listening. Each work features one instrument more prominently – firstly cello, then piano, then violin. The music explores my continued fascination with the space created within the music, in which a listener can engage. Both hypnotic and meditative, the pieces present themselves as a contrasting set of interior landscapes. They are: passing thoughts, memories, unsolvable problems, and explorations of headspace.

Firstly – it begins with a dance; a rhythmical and passionate interlocking of playful lines, but not without an element of danger or risk.
Secondly – an elegy, the body in its slowest state.
Thirdly – a struggle, an unanswered question, a cycle – and ultimately, a transition; a bursting through, into a new light.

CLAIRE COWAN: Subtle Dances
Rattle RAT D064 2016

Peter Crowe - Bali H'ai

Peter Russell Crowe was born Palmerston North on 25th February 1932. As well as composition, at university he studied anthropology and ethnomusicology, specialising in Melanesian music. He spent most of his adult life in France and was director of LATOP (Laboratoire des Traditions Orales du Pacifique) at Université de Bordeaux-2. He returned to live in Auckland, New Zealand in the late 1990s and died on 21 April 2004.

PETER CROWE: Bali H'ai, Five Songs of the New Hebrides
Schola Players/Ashley Heenan
Ex Kiwi SLD 77

Huerco S - Selection from the album For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)

Brian Leeds, AKA Huerco S

Brian Leeds, AKA Huerco S Photo: Supplied

This 2016 album was the first ambient album by Kansas City producer Heurco S (A.K.A Brian Leeds), then only 21 years old. Despite being new to the genre and his young age, his album was almost immediately being considered a contendor for a future ambient classic.

Leeds is a much sought after DJ and has spent many late nights performing in clubs, especially in Europe. The music on this album has been described as ambient music informed by a memory of club music, which hangs over it like a ringing in the ears.

"When I’m doing DJ gigs," he says, "I often find myself on a plane for seven or eight hours and I’m not the best for flying, so rather than popping a Xanax or drinking tons of red wine, I basically made the album for myself to listen to and fall asleep to."

He constructs the tracks mostly out  of synthesizer, submerged pulses, and tape hiss. Many of the tracks feel like sketches, but no worse for it. The music often doesn’t go anywhere, happy to stay in the comfortable spot it’s in. 

HUERCO S: Kraanvogel; Hear Me Out; On the Embankment,
Brian Leeds (electronics)
Probito PRB 018

11:05 Relevant Tones: Antecedents

There’s a subsection of contemporary music call ‘Musical Historicism,’ a genre of music that uses historical elements and revives them in modern works. From Minimalism to Totalism, Modernism to Post-Modernism to Neomodernism; we’re taking a look at pieces that influence contemporary compositions, either to mimic the past or to be the antithesis.(WFMT)