12 Jan 2019

Sound Lounge: Eno as producer; Rachael Morgan explores the concept of vibration and movement around a fixed point; Tlaotlon's Wiper F.B.X. EP

From Sound Lounge, 9:40 pm on 12 January 2019

Brian Eno: Eno as Producer (Part 5 of 6)

Thomas Goss looks at the production of such albums as The Unforgettable Fire by U2 and Remain In Light by Talking Heads.

David Byrne and Brian Eno

David Byrne and Brian Eno Photo: supplied

SOUNZ Resound Audio of the Week - Rachael Morgan's from a fixed point

Rachael Morgan

Rachael Morgan Photo: SOUNZ

For a while now, I have had an interest in the nature of sound and timbral nuances. In this piece I also explored the concept of vibration and movement around a fixed point. Fixed points appear in many guises through-out the work, at times they are explicit, other times more implicitly implied, particularly later in the piece. In all cases the focus is on timbre and movement within a sound.

The piece begins in a strong and solid soundworld. Here, pitch is a clear fixed point with the intention of drawing the listener’s attention to subtle timbral variations. Pitch is certainly not the only reference point. Distortion and interference of both soundwaves and textures are also important elements of the work. These become stronger features as the material begins to destruct in a gradual shift towards instability. This move from stasis and stability, to instability and fragility is also highlighted by an evolution of instrumental techniques. - Rachael Morgan

RACHAEL MORGAN: From a Fixed Point
175 East

Tlaotlon - Wiper F.B.X. EP

Tlaotlon - Wiper FBX EP

Tlaotlon - Wiper FBX EP Photo: Album Cover Art by Jeremy Coubrough

The tracks on WIPER FBX are something of a divergence from the overflowing inter-rhythmic structural logic found in Tlaotlon's recent work. While this EP still offers an abundance of Tlaotlon's characteristic techniques - evolving pointillist gestures, quasi-generative motifs, expressive correspondences, systemic interruptions - there is an almost total lack of combined rhythmic repetition. Instead, the focus on WIPER FBX is on individual elements of varying scales and velocities. Rhythm, harmony and melody assume an almost totemic significance amongst the washes of turbulent detail and charged negative space.

Jeremy Coubrough (electronics)
Dream Disc Records DD 002

Emma Smith talks to NZ electronic muso Tlaotlon about listening to sounds for sounds' sake


11:05 pm Relevant Tones: Haunted Landscapes: George Crumb

Legendary composer George Crumb created a unique, haunting sound world that leaves an indelible impression upon anyone who hears it. This is the perfect landscape to celebrate his October birth date and Halloween with an entire show dedicated to Crumb’s music. (WFMT)