29 Dec 2018

Sound Lounge: Eno as ambient composer; Heenan's music to James K. Baxter play; preview of 2019 AAF artist Four Tet

From Sound Lounge, 9:55 pm on 29 December 2018

Saturday 29 December 2018

9:30 Brian Eno: Eno as Ambient Composer (Part 3 of 6)

Thomas Goss looks at the beginnings of ambient music, and shows how Eno not only pioneered the field, but helped usher other talents into the spotlight.

Brian Eno

Brian Eno Photo: supplied

Heenan's music for James K. Baxter's play Jack Winter's Dream

Jack Winter's Dream is a suite by Wellington composer Ashley Heenan, made up of incidental music he composed for the original play by James K. Baxter. Subtitled 'Nine Portraits for Orchestra', Heenan's musical portraits are: Abelstown; Jack Winter; The Drover's Rest; Webfoot Charlie's Chanty; Webfoot Charlie's Murderous Intent; Dream of Sequence and Charlie's Theft of Trevelyan's Gold; Jenny and Trevelyan; The Murder of Trevelyan; and The Death of Jack Winter.

ASHLEY HEENAN: Jack Winter's Dream
New Zealand SO/John Hopkins

Four Tet - 2019 Auckland Arts Festival artist

Conjuring soulful, organic beats that slide effortlessly between cosmic jazz, deep house, moody techno, innovative hip-hop, and big bass bangers, Four Tet is a master of his craft, and of the stage, too, where his hypnotic DJ sets have become the stuff of legend. In March Four Tet (A.K.A Kieran Hebden) is exclusively in New Zealand for Auckland Arts Festival.

FOUR TET: Alap; Daughter; You Are Loved
Kieran Hebden (electronics)
Text Records TEXT 046

11:05 Relevant Tones: Composers Among Us - Thea Musgrave

Over 60 years of composing, Thea Musgrave is a powerful voice that demands respect around the world. We’re taking a deep-dive into her massive library and showcasing her eclectic range including chamber, orchestral, and electronic works. (WFMT)

Thea Musgrave

Thea Musgrave Photo: Supplied