22 Dec 2018

Sound Lounge: Brian Eno - Roxy and Elsewhere; Oram's love letter to radio and orchestras in NZ

From Sound Lounge, 9:30 pm on 22 December 2018


Brian Eno: Roxy and Elsewhere (Part 2 of 6)

Brian Eno, mid-1970s

Brian Eno, mid-1970s Photo: supplied

In the second episode of his Brian Eno series Thomas Goss looks at the rise of Roxy Music, and how Eno emerged as a significant solo artist of the mid-70's glam scene.

Tom Kerstens (gtr)

Celeste Oram's 'love letter to RNZ' (among other things)

Celeste Oram.

Celeste Oram. Photo: Supplied

It’s worth remembering that the NZSO began life as the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation Symphony Orchestra. The country’s national orchestra was first a radio orchestra; generations of New Zealanders were far more likely to have heard an orchestra on the radio before they ever heard one in a concert hall; orchestras in New Zealand and Radio New Zealand continue to be among each other’s strongest advocates. Orchestras in New Zealand are inseparable from radio in New Zealand.

This piece is a love letter to radio in New Zealand, Radio New Zealand, the uncompromising exuberance of the youth orchestra, all the future orchestras yet to come, come what may - and to the complicated triumph of the orchestral finale, as though the Romantic symphony existed only to end, to self-annihilate in a blaze of glory. Its title should be read not with the syntax of ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Zen’ (as Britten would have), but rather that of ‘Mrs. Beeton’s Guide To Embroidery, Crochet & Knitting’. – Celeste Oram for SOUNZ

CELESTE ORAM: Young People's Guide to the Orchestra
New Zealand SO National Youth Orchestra/James MacMillan

David Long - McLaren soundtrack

David Long's score for Roger Donaldson's McLaren deftly flicks between and blends orchestral, jazz and electronics to depict the astonishing journey of Bruce McLaren, a man from humble beginnings who took on the elite sport of motor racing and won.

David Long is a prolific composer and producer. He formed the Mutton Birds with Don McGlashan and made three albums with the band. At the same time he began to compose for contemporary dance, eventually moving into film and television scores.

Long has worked on all of Peter Jackson’s films since The Frighteners as well as composing for many New Zealand films and TV series. He plays with the bands Teeth and The Labcoats.

DAVID LONG: City Of Green; Hidden Cameras; Upper Circle Lower Case, from the McLaren soundtrack|
Richard Nunns (taonga puoro), Natalia Mann (harp), David Long (banjo, loops & treatments)
Rattle RAT-D068

11:05 Relevant Tones: Open House

The Open House movement began in the 1980’s in London as a celebration of the city’s justifiably famous architecture but it was so successful that it soon spread to more than 40 cities around the world. For five years, Access Contemporary Music has commissioned composers to write music inspired by the spaces and put musicians in the spaces to perform the music. We’ll feature a wide range of music written for, and performed in, buildings in Chicago, Milwaukee and Barcelona. (WFMT)