28 Jul 2018

Sound Lounge: Stacy Garrop's epic new Mythology Symphony

From Sound Lounge, 10:30 pm on 28 July 2018

Saturday 28 July 2018


PSATHAS: The Furies, from View from Olympus - Michael Houstoun (pno), Pedro Carneiro (perc), New Zealand SO/Marc Taddei (Rattle RAT-DV 015)

RILEY: The Cusp of Magic - Wu Man (pipa), Kronos Quartet (Nonesuch 360508)

RIMMER: Vulcan - Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra/Giordano Bellincampi (RNZ)

11:05 Relevant Tones: Musical Mythology

Seth Boustead talks with composer Stacy Garrop about the new recording of her Mythology Symphony inspired by Greek myths. Starting with the exhilarating opening movement, Becoming Medusa, which tells the story of Medusa, a beautiful woman turned into a hideous monster, to the quiet sounds of Penelope Waits, the second movement with the touching tale of a wife waiting for her heroic husband, and much, much more!

Medusa (1618) - Rubens

Medusa (1618) - Rubens Photo: Supplied