28 Apr 2018

Sound Lounge: The Canadian Mosaic - Minimalist Influences, and composers out of time.

From Sound Lounge, 9:00 pm on 28 April 2018

9:30 The Canadian Mosaic

(5) Minimalist Influences

David Houston uncovers the seed of American minimalism, which was transplanted from Bali by a Canadian composer, and then how that minimalism was reflected by Canadian composers. (RNZ)

11:05 Relevant Tones - Out of Time

Ever since Ezra Pound’s famous advice to young artists, “make it new!” there has been a renewed and relentless interest in breaking new ground in art and music. But what about composers who are genuinely inspired by older forms like fugues, rondos, capriccios, even rags? We’ll feature music by these “composers out of time”. (WFMT)

Relevant Tones - Out of Time

Relevant Tones - Out of Time Photo: NRS