10 Mar 2015

Darmstadt 2014: Make it New!

From Sound Lounge, 5:00 pm on 10 March 2015

“I felt the impact of a revolutionary new music stemming from Darmstadt, and also of a radically new medium of electronic sound. This situation became alarming, and began to make me feel that unless I somehow kept up with all the new developments I might be condemned to a musical inconsequence or sterility. Of course, in human or musical terms this would be intolerable – to spend one’s life keeping up with the Darmstadt Joneses.”

- Douglas Lilburn

Hot air balloons, Playstation controllers and belly dancing with drones might be the modern answer to a question explored by the International Music Institute of Darmstadt since 1946: What does one have to do to be truly revolutionary?

Join young New Zealand composer Celeste Oram on her pilgrimage to the European epicentre of boundary pushing music: the International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt. Featuring interviews with some of the world’s most forward thinking artists and composers.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Interviewees include:

  • 2014 festival director, Thomas Schäfer
  • New Zealand born musicians, Peter Veale (oboe), Dorothy Ker (composer)
  • Established and emerging international composers: Johannes Kreidler, Stefan Prins, Lucas Fels, Alice Berni, Jennifer Walshe, David Helbich, Julia Mihaly, Mathieu Corajon, Simon Løffler
  • Chamber groups, Asean Contemporary Music Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, Sound Initiative
  • Wafaa Bilal (artist), Meiver de la Cruz (dancer)

Music Details

STOCKHAUSEN: Carré – Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the NDR/Kagel, Stockhausen/Markowski/Gielen (Stockhausen Disc 5)

MEIERHOF: EXIT F – Nadar Ensemble (MIG004)

PRINS: Generation Kill – Nadar Ensemble (NEOS records, 426006311303)

KREIDLER: Windmill Study, Short Cuts from Audioguide– neon Ensemble (RNZ)

LANZA: Regnum Vegitable – ensemble mosaic (RNZ)

LOUILARPPRASERT: From Inside Aristotle – Asean Contemporary Music Ensemble (RNZ)

BIRTWISTLE: Ritual Fragment – London Sinfonietta/Knussen (NMCD009)

GADESTÄTTER: schlitzen (Paramyth 2) – Mivos Quartet (RNZ)

EIZIRIK: music while waiting / music while working – soundinitiative (RNZ)

FURRER: Solo – Lucas Fels (Kairos)

LACHENMANN: Reigen Seliger Geister – Arditti String Quartet (Kairos)

DONATONI: HOT – Ensemble Dal Niente (FCR130)

WALSHE,  DE VEGA: improvisation – Jennifer Walshe & Mario de Vega (RNZ)

MIHALY: If You Liked My Posts I Wouldn’t Have To Express Myself in Real Life – Julia Mihaly (RNZ)

FELDMAN: Piano & String Quartet – Kronos Quartet, Aki Takahashi (pno) (Nonesuch)