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9:00 Frank Zappa: The Radio is Broken

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa Photo: screenshot

James Gardner traces a personal path through the vast output and thirty-five year career of composer and guitarist Frank Zappa.

(3) Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar

Overlooked by many, Zappa's idiosyncratic guitar playing was important not only in its own right but also for the many compositions it spawned via transcriptions. In this episode, Gardner discusses what Zappa referred to as his "air sculptures" as well as pieces produced by 'xenochrony', the combination of two or more initially unrelated recordings.

10:00 Relevant Tones

Sonata Form Redux

David Maslanka

David Maslanka Photo: Sue Rissberger

Sonata form is one of the oldest compositional structures in classical music but it's being rediscovered, and in many cases repurposed, by contemporary composers. What is the lasting appeal? Seth Boustead plays music by composers looking to the past for formal inspiration. (WFMT)

Music by Thomas Ades, David Maslanka and Keeril Makan.

11:00 Best of New Music Dreams

Levi Patel

Levi Patel Photo: Supplied

LEVI PATEL: Affinity
Levi Patel (gtrs, pnos, bass gtrs, keyboards, vocals, glockenspiels, music boxes), with various musicians
Marigold Music

Listen to Levi talking with Eva Radich about Affinity and more

One of the tracks from the album has been used in a mini-documentary called Last Letters, directed by Nils Clauss. The film commemorates the Sewol Ferry disaster off South Korea in 2014. The ferry capsized while carrying mostly secondary school students from Danwon High School and 304 out of 476 passengers and crew members died.