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9:00 Resound Programme 5

Rod Biss

Rod Biss Photo: SOUNZ

JACK SPEIRS: Fanfare New
Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 12/04/2017)

ROD BISS: Four New Zealand Bird Songs
Margaret Medlyn (sop), New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 19/02/2015)

Listen to Kenneth Young introducing Four NZ Songs by Rod Biss

JOHN ELMSLY: In Memorium: Rainbow Warrior
John Elmsly (tape realisation)
RNZ  (recorded 01/10/1989)

Nicola Melville (pno)
RNZ  (recorded 09/04/1990)

TOM MCLEOD: Cut to Music, from A Hero’s Tale
New Zealand SO/Luke Dollmann (recorded 01/09/2010)
RNZ (recorded 01/09/2010)

10:00 Jewish Connection

STEVE REICH: Tehillim Parts I & II
Cantaloupe Music


JOSEF TAL: Symphony No 2
North German Radio PO/Israel Yinon
CPO 999 921

ANDREW DOWNES: Sonata for Two Pianos
Duncan Honeybourne, Katherine Lam (pnos)
EM Records EMR CD040

11:00 New Music Dreams


SURVIVE - Hd009 Photo: album cover art

Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein, Adam Jones, Mark Donica (synthesizers, electronics)
Relapse Records RR 7349

The album Hd009 by Texas-based synth quartet SURVIVE was originally self-released in 2012 on just 30 cassette tapes which sold-out instantly. But now that two of SURVIVE’s members, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, have hit the big-time with their score for the Netflix series Stranger Things the album has been re-released digitally. Hd009 is prog-ambience at its best. The nostalgic sound of 1980s analogue synthesizers with a modern update.

Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein, Adam Jones, Mark Donica (synthesizers, electronics)
Holodeck Records HD009