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9:00 Resound Programme 4

Gillian Whitehead

Gillian Whitehead Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

PEPE BECKER: Kyrie, from Mass of the False Relation
Baroque Voices/ Pepe Becker
RNZ (recorded 10/05/2008)

ROSS HARRIS: Ave maris stella
Baroque Voices/ Pepe Becker
RNZ (recorded 10/05/2008)

Diedre Irons (pno)
RNZ (recorded 11/03/1986)

PHILIP NORMAN: Changing Lanes
Diedre Irons (pno)
RNZ (recorded 06/03/2005)

New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 02/05/2007)

DAVID FARQUHAR: Epithalamion Overture
New Zealand SO /Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 12/04/2017)


NZ to host ISCM World New Music Days Festival

It's just been announced that New Zealand has won its bid to host the 2020 International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days Festival. Eva Radich talks to ISCM Vice President, Glenda Keam about what that means for us.

SALINA FISHER: Tōrino – echoes on pūtōrino improvisations by Rob Thorne [excerpt]
New Zealand String Quartet

Meredith Monk

Meredith Monk Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

MATTHEW HINDSON: House Music Flute Concerto
Alexa Still (fl), Oberlin Orchestra/Raphael Jimenez
Oberlin Music

MEREDITH MONK: Maybe 1 & 2, Sweep 1, Rocking, from the album Impermanence
Meredith Monk, Katie Geissinger, Theo Bleckmann (voice), Allison Sniffin (pno, vln, voice) Bohdan Hilash (cls, saxophones), John Hollenbeck (percussion)
ECM 2026

11:00 New Music Dreams

Evan Caminiti - Toxic City Music

Evan Caminiti - Toxic City Music Photo: album cover art

In his 2017 album Toxic City Music, American composer Evan Caminiti weaves his distorted guitar drones in with field recordings of New York City's machinery and voices of its inhabitants to create a smoggy soundscape inspired by the psychic and physical toxicity of life in a late capitalist country.

EVAN CAMINITI: Toxic City Music
Evan Caminiti (gtr, electroacoustics)
Dust Editions DE 003

The spacious electric guitar compositions from Evan Caminiti's album Night Dust, were inspired by the smokey blue hues and washed out lights of vampire movies from the 1980s.

Evan Caminiti (gtr, electroacoustics)
Immune 019