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Happy Birthday Lyell Cresswell !

"I've been living in Scotland for a long time but I don't see myself as a Scot. I am a New Zealander living in Scotland... I don't think my music sounds like British music generally speaking. It's things like the orchestration has a clarity which is something to do with being in NZ, being quieter. You're nearer to nature in New Zealand than you can be in Europe." - Lyell Cresswell

Tune in for the interview Charlotte did with him for his 70th birthday in 2014.

Plus in the second hour: a concert by this country’s fabulous new music ensemble, Stroma, just in advance of their spring concert season opening in Wellington. It’s called Mirror of Time 3, and is all about shedding light on progressives of the past, focusing on the canon and weaving early music along with brand new contemporary New Zealand works.


Lyell Cresswell

Lyell Cresswell Photo: Supplied

CRESSWELL: Alas How Swift - Michael Kirgan (tpt), New Zealand SO/ James Judd (Naxos 8.570824)
CRESSWELL: Salm, mvt 1 - New Zealand SO/ William Southgate (Continuum CCD 1034)
CRESSWELL: Prayer for the Cure of a Sprained Back - Jane Manning (sop) (MSV CD 92014)
CRESSWELL: Le sucre du printemps  - Harry Sparnaay (bass and contrabass clarinets) (RNZ)
CRESSWELL: To aspro pano sto aspro, mvt 7 - Cappella Nova/ Alan Tavener (Linn CKD 014)
CRESSWELL: Cassandra - Exile - Madeleine Pierard (mezzo), New Zealand SO/ James Judd (Naxos 8.570824)
CRESSWELL: I Paesaggi dell'anima - New Zealand SO/ Hamish McKeich (Naxos 8.573199)
CRESSWELL: Acquarello - Stephen de Pledge (pno) (RNZ)
CRESSWELL: M09 Piano conc, last mvt - Stephen de Pledge (pno), New Zealand SO/ Hamish McKeich (Naxos 8.573199)
CRESSWELL: The Clock Stops - Jonathan Lemalu (bbar), New Zealand SO/ James MacMillan (RNZ)
CRESSWELL: Of Whirlwind Underground - 175 East (Waiteata WTA 008)

10:05 Mirror of Time 3

Michael Norris

Michael Norris Photo: supplied

Stroma: Rowena Simpson (sop), Vesa-Matti Leppänen, Rebecca Struthers (vlns), Andrew Thomson (vl), Rowan Prior (cello)/Hamish McKeich

NORRIS: Prolation canon on a 1400BC Hurrian hymn to Nikkal; DESPREZ arr Norris: Angus Dei III, from Missa l'homme armé; EASTWOOD: The Spindle of Necessity; CICONIA arr Norris: Le Ray au Soleyl; BINNEY: Enfance; DE LA RUE arr Norris: Angus Dei, from Missa l'homme armé; MORGAN: Interiors; DE RORE arr Norris: Calami sonum ferentes; ISHII: Black Intention; BIBER arr Norris: Die Schlacht, from Battalia; BODY: Bai; CORDIER arr Norris: Tout par compass suy composes; WATSON: sundry good; ANON arr Norrish Tempus Transit Gelidum (recorded in Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington by RNZ)

Listen to Michael Norris talk about Mirror of Time 3

11:00 New Music Dreams

Andrew Tuttle - Fantasy League

Andrew Tuttle - Fantasy League Photo: album cover art

ANDREW TUTTLE: Fantasy League
Andrew Tuttle (banjo, electronics)
Someone Good RMSG 015

ANDREW TUTTLE: Transitory Adaptations (EP)
Andrew Tuttle (banjo, electronics)