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The Greatest Happiness Principle

How can you resist that? The Greatest Happiness Principle is one of the works on the Proms concert Monday, by the man of the moment, British composer David Sawer. Tune in for a mini-profile. Closer to home, film buff Ryan Smith chats to RNZ sound engineer Marc Chesterman, who also happens to be a sound designer/composer and has composed the soundtrack for the Florian Habicht movie, Spookers at the NZ International Film Festival; and a profile of Ensemble Nikel, one of Israel’s most active new music groups, here to perform a one-off at the NZSM.


DAVID SAWER: The Memory of Water
Simon Blendis (vln), Alexandra Wood (vln), Birmingham Contemporary Music Group cond. Martyn Brabbins
NMC D 116

MARC CHESTERMAN: Selection from the soundtrack to the film Spookers
Marc Chesterman (electronics), Robyn Jaquiery (keyboard), various musicians
Private recording


ENSEMBLE NIKEL: Selection from the album A Decade
Performers: Ensemble Nikel: Yaron Deutsch (gtr), Brian Archinal (perc), Patrick Stadler (sax), Antoine Françoise (pno)
Private Recording


More Ensemble Nikel!

PHILIPPE CHAMOUARD: Les Figures de l'Invisible
Anna Sikorszak-Olek (celtic harp), Lublin Philharmonic Orch/Piotr Wijatkowsk
Orphee Production OA 1104


Illuha - Akari

Illuha - Akari Photo: album cover art

"Akari is the Japanese word for light. Conceptually the Tokyo duo, Illuha, used this word as a guide, as if they were searching through the dark, trying to keep the light alive, as if one is cradling a candle doing everything in their power to keep it alight in a storm." (12k records)

ILLUHA: Akari (album)
Corey Fuller, Tomoyoshi Date (various acoustic and electronic instruments)
12K 1080