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Ross Harris

Ross Harris Photo: Gareth Watkins, Lilburn Trust, Wallace Arts Trust

We continue our series of NZ commissioned concertos with Ross Harris’s Labyrinth for tuba. And talking of labyrinths, it’s the birthday on Friday of one of the avant garde’s most labyrinthine composers, Michael Finnissy. Tune in for a spider’s guide through.

In the second hour two major works with an Indian connection: new Carnatic-influenced music for piano by Indian American composer Asha Srinivasan and Scelsi's Aion -  a day in the life of the Hindu creator god Brahma.

And in NMD Ryan looks at a new album inspired by the age-old border between Norway and Russia: Departed Glories by Biosphere.


HARRIS: Labyrinth for tuba and orchestra
Performers: Andrew Jarvis (tuba), New Zealand SO/James Judd

Michael Finnissy

Michael Finnissy Photo:

FINNISSY: English Country-Tunes, Part 2, Midsummer Morn
Michael Finnissy (pno)
Etcetera KTC 1091

FINNISSY: Shameful Vice
Marshall McGuire (harp)
ABC Classics 456 696

Charles Mutter (vln),
NMC D 043

FINNISSY: Forget-me-not
Alan Thomas (gtr), Jub Davis (dbass), Joby Burgess (cymbal), Michael Finnissy (pno), Exaudi,/James Weeks
NMC D 110

FINNISSY: Gershwin Arrangements (selection)
Ian Pace (pno)
Metier Sound & Vision MSV CD 92030

FINNISSY: Palm-Sunday
Alan Thomas (gtr), Jub Davis (dbass), Joby Burgess (vibe), Michael Finnissy (pno), Exaudi/James Weeks
NMC D 110


Asha Srinivasan

Asha Srinivasan Photo: Lawrence University, Wisconsin

NOW Ensemble
New Amsterdam NWAM 005

ASHA SRINIVASAN: Mercurial Reveries
Michael Mizrahi (pno)
New Amsterdam

Cracow Radio & TV Choir & Orch/Jurg Wyttenbach
Accord 476 1072

11:00 New Music Dreams

Biosphere - Departed Glories

Biosphere - Departed Glories Photo: album cover art

BIOSPHERE: Departed Glories
Geir Jenssen (electronics)
Smalltown Supersound STS 281