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International Women’s Day 8 March

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day with our pioneering NZ women composers, including the recipient of the one-and-only NZ Centennial Suffrage Medal, Dorothy Buchanan, awarded to commemorate the first Women’s Suffrage in the world, in 1993.

We also continue the historic series of concertos that the NZSO commissioned from NZ composers for their principal players, with Gillian Whitehead’s work for harpist Carolyn Mills. In the second hour, it’s one of the most beautiful and spiritual works of the late 20th century: Sonnengesang, or Canticle of the Sun, by Sofia Gubaidulina.

And in New Music Dreams Ryan plays the dreamy new album Hobart Improvisations by one of this country’s hottest experimental talents – violinist and vocalist Motte (aka Anita Clark), currently touring the country.


Dame Gillian Whitehead

Dame Gillian Whitehead Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

Carolyn Mills (harp), New Zealand SO/Marc Taddei
Atoll ACD 613

EVE DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: a pink-lit phase
Nash Ensemble,
SOUNZfine Volume 4

Elise Bradley (contralto), Richard Nunns (koauau), Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir, Karen Grylls
Trust MMT 2065

JENNY MCLEOD: 24 Tone Clocks (selection)
Michael Houstoun, Diedre Irons (pno)
Rattle 400 665

Dorothy Buchanan

Dorothy Buchanan Photo: SOUNZ

DOROTHY BUCHANAN: Flute Song for the Birds
Performers: Bridget Douglas (fl),
Trust MMT 2063-64

ANNEA LOCKWOOD: floating world: Part 1
Annea Lockwood (electronics)
Pogus P21045

LEONIE HOLMES: Landscapes for Orchestra: 3. Ancient Rhythms
New Zealand SO/Marc Taddei
Atoll ACD 819

10:00 Gubaidulina's Canticle of the Sun (by special listener request)

Sofia Gubaidulina

Sofia Gubaidulina Photo: D Smirnov

SOFIA GUBAIDULINA:  The Canticle of the Sun
Part I: Glorification of the Creator and His Creations – the Sun and the Moon
Part II: Glorification of the Creator, the Maker of the Four Elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth
Part III: Glorification of Life
Part IV: Glorification of Death
Nicolas Altstaedt (cello), Andrei Pushkarev (perc), Rihards Zalupe (perc), Rostislac Zalupe (celesta), Riga Chamber Choir, Kamer/ Maris Sirmais
ECM 2256

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11:00 New Music Dreams

Motte - Hobart Improvisations


Motte Photo: Justyn Rebecca Denney Strother

Last year Christchurch experimental violinist and singer Anita Clark toured Australia under her musical moniker, Motte. One afternoon, dead in the centre of the tour, she had some studio time with Timothy Chivers at the Hobart Conservatorium in Tasmania. The result of this session was her four Hobart improvisations.

Motte - Hobart Improvisations

MOTTE: Hobart Improvisations (recorded 14th July, 2016)
Anita Clark (vln)
Private Recording

MOTTE: Thin Air, from the album Strange Dreams
Anita Clark (voice, vln), Indira Force (synth)
Private Recording