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PeRichard Nunns (putatara), Graduate Choir/Terence Maskell
Atoll ACD 407

Upcoming concert including a piece by David Hamilton

PHILIP NORMAN: Inception to Infinity
Matthew Marshall (gtr), Orchestra Wellington/Kenneth Young
(Private recording)

Upcoming concert including a piece by Philip Norman

OLIVIA WEBB: Scale (excerpt)
Olivia Webb (voice, sequencing)
(Private recording)

Condensed version of a live collaborative video between Noel Meek (sound) and Olivia Webb (video).  

7:30 Relevant Tones

What is Wandelweiser?

Originally a German musical creation, Wandelweiser is a kind of extreme minimalism that is fast becoming popular with composers around the world. Seth Boustead talks with two of its creators, Jürg Frey and Eva-Maria Houben, about the phenomenal growth of this movement. (WFMT)


Image Credit: Alex Delfanne

JÜRG FREY: More or Less Normal; 60 Pieces of Sound (excerpt) - (WFMT)

EVA-MARIA HOUBEN: Von da, nach da (excerpt) - Evz-Maria Houben (org), Sebastian Jeuck (sax), Rommel Ayoub (vln) (EWR 0705)

JÜRG FREY: Fragile Balance - (WFMT)

EVA-MARIA HOUBEN: Go and Stop (excerpt) - R. Andrew Lee (pno)

8:30 WOMAD Taranaki 2015

Fanfare Ciocărlia

Balkan band Fanfare Ciocărlia have got a lot of brass and the talent to back it up. The energetic 24-piece band bring their modern twist to ancient Balkan gypsy traditions. (Recorded at Brooklands Park, New Plymouth by Radio New Zealand)

Radio New Zealand WOMAD 2015 collection


GROUPA: Marsch pa loftet
Footprint FRCD 074

KANNO: The Remains of the Light 3, Angel's Ladder
Noriko Ogawa (pno)

10:00 Soundtracks from the NZIFF

Ryan Smith looks at music from some of the films showing at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival including 808, Victoria, Seymour: An Introduction and Philip Dadson: Sonics From Scratch.

Philip Dadson KEY STILL Phil during Pacific Zero shoot crop

Philip Dadson, founder of the ensemble From Scratch which is the subject of the documentary film Philip Dadson: Sonics From Scratch. Image Courtesy of NZIFF.

11:00 New Music Dreams

Surrounded by Sea (album) - Andy Sheppard Quartet

andy sheppard quartet surrounded by sea

SHEPPARD/BENITA: Tipping Point; ELVIS COSTELLO: I Want to Vanish; TRAD arr Sheppard, Aarset, Benita, Rochford: Aoidh, Na Dean Cadal Idir (Part1); SHEPPARD: Origin of Species; ROCHFORD: They Aren’t Perfect and Neither Am I; SHEPPARD: Medication; TRAD arr Sheppard, Aarset, Benita, Rochford: Aoidh, Na Dean Cadal Idir (Part 2); SHEPPARD: The Impossibility of Silence; I See Your Eyes Before Me, BENITA: A Letter; TRAD arr Sheppard, Aarset, Benita, Rochford: Aoidh, Na Dean Cadal Idir (Part 3); SHEPPARD: Looking For Ornette
Andy Sheppard Quartet
ECM 2432

TRAD arr Goldmund: Marching Through Georgia
Keith Kennif (pno)
TYPE 005