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TANE UPJOHN-BEATSON: Westmacott;  Fenwick; Carkeek; Lottie; Requiem Aeternam New Zealand SO

8:00 Womad 2014 Live: Femi Kuti, Airileke ( 51′ 08″ )

Interviews with and performance high-lights from one of the giants of African music, Femi Kuti; and Airileke who combine traditional Melanesian percussion sounds with modern beats and samples. The programme is produced and presented by Trevor Reekie.


Femi Kuti and the Positive Force perform: Nothing To Show For It, Our Money, No Place, Sorry Sorry, Na So See Am, Bang Bang Bang.

Airileke perform: Maintain the Geurilla Struggle, Wanchef, Full Freedom, Boys Town Teleke, Bubu Billy.

9:00 Scelsi

three col scelsi sign

Music by our Composer of the Week, Italian musical mystic, Giacinto Scelsi.

Listen to Ryan Smith's talk on Scelsi

11:00 New Music Dreams

GILAD ATZMON: Refuge (album)
Orient House Ensemble
Enya Yellowbird 752815

Gilard Atzman Refuge