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7:30 International Rostrum of Composers 2014

ABC's Julian Day and the Australian Rostrum delegate, Stephen Adams look at a selection of recent works entered into last year's International Rostrum of Composers held in Helsinki, Finland. (ABC)

(Programme 2 of 2)  Tonight in the final programme, Julian and Stephen talk about the music, the trends and the issues. And we hear highlights from this year's Rostrum, including this year's 'selected work' - Words and Song Without Words for cello and electronics by Cypriot-born composer Yannis Kyriakides from the Netherlands.

You can also read about the Rostrum in Stephen's blog article from Helsinki

YANNIS KYRIAKIDES:Words and Song Without Words (excerpt) - Larissa Groeneveld (cello) (Netherlands Public Broadcasting)

ARTURO CORRALES: Folk You - Ensemble Vortex (RTS-Espace2, Switzerland)

ANTTI AUVINEN: Orior - Atlas Ensemble/Artjom Kim (Finnish Broadcasting Co., FIYLE)

YANNIS KYRIAKIDES: Words and Song Without Words - Larissa Groeneveld (cello) - Netherlands Public Broadcasting

BENOÎT MOREAU: Encre et trompette - Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain de La Chaux de Fonds (RTS-Espace2, Switzerland)

CHRISTIAN WINTHER CHRISTENSEN: Chromatische Weltmusik (ohne fremde Elemente) - Toke Møldrup (cello), Bjarke Mogensen (accordion), Danish National SO/Thomas Søndergård (European Broadcasting Union)

JULIETA SZEWACH: Bishmaia Hanajpachapi - Julieta Szewach, Susana Ferreres, Anabella Enrique, Emilia Sosa Cacace (vocals), Choir of the Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies/Alejandro Iglesias Rossi (UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL LM)

Words and Song Without Words by Yannis Kyriakides