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7:30 International Rostrum of Composers 2014

ABC's Julian Day and the Australian Rostrum delegate, Stephen Adams look at a selection of recent works entered into last year's International Rostrum of Composers held in Helsinki, Finland. (ABC)

(Programme 1 of 2) Tonight's focus is on the younger and newer voices in this year's collection, including the 'Selected Work' in the Under 30s category - Canzon de' baci by Polish composer and counter-tenor Andrzej Kwiecinski.

You can also read about the Rostrum in Stephen's blog article from Helsinki

ANDRZEJ KWIECINSKI: Canzon de' baci (excerpt) - Karol Kozlowski, (countertenor), Aukso Chamber Orchestra/Marek Mos (Polish Radio, PLPR)

RAIMONDA ŽIŪKAITĖ: Prime Galaxy - String Quartet "ReDo": Madara Jauģiete, Konstantīns Paturskis  (vlns); Artūrs Gailis (vla), Pēteris Ozoliņš (cello) (LRT Radio, Lithuania)

GUANQING CHRIS WU: La Ronde - Ensemble ConTempo Beijing (Radio 4, Radio Television Hong Kong)

ÞRÁINN HJALMARSSON: Influence of buildings on musical tone - Members of the Iceland SO (Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, ISRUV)

MÁTÉ BELLA: Trance - Katalin Kokas (vln), Chamber Ensemble of the Hungarian Radio Orchestra/Gergely Vajda

ANDRZEJ KWIECINSKI - Canzon de' baci - Karol Kozlowski (countertenor), Aukso Chamber Orchestra/Marek Mos (Polish Radio, PLPR)

KRISTS AUZNIEKS: I Exist As I Am - Latvian Radio choir group/ Kaspars Putniņš (Radio Latvia 3 Klasika)

MARÍA CRISTINA KASEM: Pacha Mama - María Cristina Kasem and Pierre Denjean (vocals, percussion and electronics) (Radio UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL LM)

 María Cristina Kasem and Paco Redondo performing Kasem's Pacha Mama.