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7:00 Resound 2014

Eight programmes introduced by Kenneth Young

Ken Young

(2) YOUNG: Piano Concerto - Michael Houstoun (pno), Auckland Philharmonia/Steven Smith (recorded 26 August 2004 by RNZ)

NORRIS: dans les debris du temps - 175 East (recorded 27 October 2002 by RNZ)

JAMESON: Heurism - Megan Glass, Kirsten Johnstone, Bridget Douglas (fls) (recorded 4 April 1999 by RNZ)

HIRINI MELBOURNE arr Dudley Benson, remixed by MATMOS: Pīpī Manu E (from the album Deforestation)
The Dawn Chorus (choir), Dudley Benson, Matmos (audio production)
Golden Retriever Records

Listen to a feature about the making of Dudley Benson's album, Deforestation

Deforestation Dudley Benson

Cover art for Dudley Benson's album, Deforestation. Courtesy of

8:00 Composer of the Week

JOHN TAVENER (1944-2013)

The Veil of the Temple - Patricia Rozario (sop), Choir of the Temple Church, Holst Singers/Stephen Layton (Sony 82876 55154)

"I regard The Veil of the Temple as the supreme achievement of my life and the most important work that I have ever composed. By the act of writing The Veil I understood that no single religion could be exclusive. The Veil has become light - there is no longer any veil. This tearing away of the Veil shows that all religions are in the transcendent way inwardly united beneath their outward form."

John tavener

John Tavener, Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Listen to Tim Dodd's illustrated talk on John Tavener here:


BARRY: String Quartet No 1
Xenia Ensemble
Black Box BBM 1011

Gerald Barry

Irish composer, Gerald Barry. Source: Wikimedia

BARRY: Lisbon
Thomas Adès (pno), Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
Contemporary Music Centre CMC CD 08

HIRINI MELBOURNE arr Dudley Benson, remixed by SHUTA HASANUMA: Ruru (from the album Deforestation)
The Dawn Chorus (choir), Dudley Benson, Shuta Hasunuma  (audio production)
Golden Retriever Records

11:00 New Music Dreams

ENO, MOEBIUS, ROEDELIUS: Cluster & Eno (album)
Cluster & Brian Eno
WATER 157156

Cluster and Eno

MOEBIUS, ROEDELIUS, ROTHER: Watussi and Sehr Kosmisch, from the album, Musik von Harmonia Harmonia BRAIN 349442