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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Presented by Robbie Ellis

7:04 - It ain't everyone's new year...

Auckland Phil/Yip-Wing Sie
Atoll ACD 100

WASSERZUG: Bircas Ovos for New Year; Zochreinu
Moshe Haschel (cantor), The London Jewish Male Choir, The Old Synagogue Singers/Clive Hyman
Forum FRC 9105

CHEN YI: At the Kansas City Chinese New Year Concert
The Ying Quartet
Quartz QTZ 2055

7:34 - ...but it's still mine...

J.PALMER: Secret Arnold
Auckland Phil/Samuel Wong
Atoll ACD 100

MUSGRAVE: Ring Out Wild Bells
David Le Page (vln), Victoria Soames Samek (cl), Matthew Sharp (cello), Mark Troop (pno)
Clarinet Classics CC 0038

7:57 - ...and is it the end of the world too?

CREE BROWN: Y2K Pacemaker
Auckland Phil/Miguel Harth-Bedoya
Atoll ACD 100

8:01 - Melody Lin (fl), Sarah Watkins (pno)

CHOU: Cursive for flute and piano
TAKEMITSU: Itinerant in memory of Isamu Noguchi
ELMSLY: ...formettel...
PROKOFIEV: Flute Sonata in D Op 94

(Recorded by Radio New Zealand at the University of Auckland Music Theatre, 29 September 2008)

9:02 - A homage and an honour

SCHNITTKE: Homage to Stravinsky, Prokofiev & Shostakovich
Trio Solotarev: Germano Scurti, Walter Di Girolamo & Dario Flammini (bayans)
Stradivarius 33652

KORNDORF: In Honour of Alfred Schnittke (AGSCH)
Patricia Kopatchinskaya (vln), Daniel Raiskin (vla), Alexander Ivashkin (cello)
Megadisc MDC 7817

9:39 - Summery Judgement

LILBURN: Summer Voices
Atoll ACD 404

BBC SO/Jac van Steen
NMC D 062

CASTIGLIONI: How I spend the summer
Thomas Adès (pno)
EMI 5 57051

Het Trio: Harrie Starreveld (fl), Harry Sparnaay (bcl), René Eckhardt (pno)
NM Classics 92022

GERSHWIN arr. Lowenstern: Summertime
Michael Lowenstern (bcl)
New World 80468

10:43 - Birthday

A.KING: Hit The Ground (Running, Running, Running)
BBC Phil/Kristjan Järvi

The Lonesome Buckwhips

Jack Lovelock was born exactly 100 years ago today (5 January 1910) in the West Coast town of Crushington. A Rhodes Scholar and doctor, he won the 1500m for New Zealand at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, setting a new world record time of 3 minutes and 47.8 seconds.

11:06 - New Music Dreams

CRUMB: Makrokosmos III: Music for a Summer Evening
Luz Manríquez & Walter Morales (pnos), Nena Lorenz, Brian Spurgeon, Michael Passaris & Mark Shope (perc), Andrés Cladera (voices, whistle, slide whistle, recorder), Juan Pablo Izquierdo (cond)
Mode 170

CRUMB: Eine kleine Mitternachtmusik
Emanuele Arciuli (pno)
Bridge 9170