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Tuesday 29 December 2009

7:00 John Rimmer's 70th birthday

Century Fanfare, Vulcan
Auckland Phil/Kazufumi Yamashita
Atoll ACD 100

Woolston Brass
SOUNZfine Vol 4

People, Power and Pollution
UWMD 1200

Seven Summer Haiku
Auckland University Choir/John Rimmer
Manu CD MANU 1509

A Dialogue of Opposites
Alexander Ivashkin (cello)
Manu CD MANU 1593

Symphony - the Feeling of Sound
Auckland Phil/John Rimmer
Manu CD MANU 1415

8:00 Auckland Chamber Orch: The Ring of Fire

RIMMER: Octet; De Aestibus Rerum; Emergence; Gossamer; Murmures; The Ring of Fire
(recorded by RNZC)

9:25 Looking Backwards

SCHNITTKE: Concerto Grosso No 2
USSR Ministry of Culture SO/Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Melodiya MELCD 10 01547

HAMELIN: Solfeggietto a cinque for player piano (after CPE Bach); Pop Music; Circus Galop
MDG 645 1406

SCIARRINO: Storie di altre storie
Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion), WDR SO, Cologne/Kazushi Ono
Winter & Winter 910 144

FURRER: lotofagos I (lotus eaters)
Tora Augestad (sop), Uli Fussenegger (db)
Kairos 0012842KAI

11:00 New Music Dreams

FRANUI: Brahms Folksongs
Col Legno WWE 1CD 20302