NZTrio coils threads of many colours in this concert in their Loft Series.

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown Photo: Tai Nelson/NZTrio

NZTrio on this occasion is Amalia Hall (violin), Ashley Brown (cello), and Somi Kim (piano).

This is the third concert in the group's main series for 2018, all of which were given titles relating to fibre-work.

We had “Weave” and “Braid” earlier in the year and this one’s called “Twine” — a beautiful word derived from the Old English stem t-w-i signifying “two-ness” whence we also get "twice", "twin", and apparently, "twist".

Twine would have originally referred to just two threads twisted together. Nowadays, of course, it can be any number and there are many threads to this programme of works.

Philip GLASS: String Quartet No 3, Mishima, 6th movement (arr for piano trio)
SCHUMANN: Piano Trio No 2 in F Op 80
Matthew HINDSON: Rush
Celeste ORAM: the naming of waters
BRAHMS: Piano Trio No 1 in B Op 8

Recorded by RNZ Concert in the Loft at Q Theatre
Producer: Tim Dodd; Engineer: Adrian Hollay