Love Me As I Am - Auckland Arts Festival's tribute to Mahinaarangi Tocker

Mahinārangi Tocker, Auckland 1991

Mahinārangi Tocker, Auckland 1991 Photo: Geoffrey Smith, commissioned by William Dart for the cover of Music in New Zealand 13 (Winter 1991)

A special broadcast to mark the season of Matariki, a time for, among other things, remembering those no longer with us.

Mahinaarangi Tocker died on 15 April 2008.

The Creative Director of Love Me As I Am, Tama Waipara writes:

"With the blessing and generosity of the Tocker whānau, this concert is a celebration of the life and music of the late and great, Mahinaarangi Tocker. Ten years on from her untimely passing, we honour Mahinaarangi through her songs and with the aroha she shared so willingly with us all.

"Mahinaarangi Tocker was a bright, blazing light whose music radiated out with far reaching appeal, impact and inspiration. A true one of a kind, her brave and prolific songwriting was propelled by the uniqueness of her mellifluous voice. Her live performances were characterised by energy, humour, aroha and deeply compelling narrative from her life and experiences.

"As a musician and artist, Mahinaarangi was an innovator and trailblazer. Her explorations and expressions were wide ranging and similarly her influence on many artists is equally diverse. Her songs are taonga, as was she and they embody her vulnerability, sharp intellect, raucous humour and boundless creative genius.

"This show is a loving tribute brought to life by artists who knew, loved and revered her.

"My sincerest and deepest aroha to the whānau for allowing us the chance to sing, speak and dance her music into the air once more. He pō whakamaharatanga, he pō aroha, he pō whakanui hoki tēnei ki tō tātou mareikura, a Mahinaarangi Tocker."


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  • The songs, the singers, and the supporting cast ...

    Te Ripo (Tocker) - Hinewairangi Tocker, Kīmai Tocker, Huirangi Tocker

    Kei Hea Koe? (Tocker) - Hinewehi Mohi, Anahera Higgins, band

    Wahine Toa (Tocker) - Hinewairangi Tocker, Kīmai Tocker, Huirangi Tocker

    Heart Winds (Tocker) - Anika Moa, band

    Papatūānuku (Tocker) - Moana Maniapoto, band

    When I Grow Up (Tocker) - Don McGlashan

    Tender (Tocker) - Maree Sheehan, string quartet

    A Woman Who Feels Nothing (Tocker) - Charlotte Yates

    Danger Kissing (Tocker) - Annie Crummer, Kenji Iwamitsu Holdaway (guitar)

    Only She (Tocker) - Anika Moa

    Cloud 29 (Tocker) - Emma Paki

    My Love Be Still (Tocker) - Shona Laing, string quartet

    I'll Breathe For You (Tocker, David Downes) - Charlotte Yates, Victoria Kelly (piano)

    The Wild Winged Messenger (Tocker) - Anahera Higgins, Karen Hunter, string quartet

    Ending (Tocker) - Nadia Reid, string quartet

    Make Up (Tocker) - Annie Crummer, Kenji Iwamitsu Holdaway (guitar)

    Forever (Tocker) - Hinewairangi Tocker, Kīmai Tocker, Huirangi Tocker, band

    Picture On My Wall (Tocker) - Shona Laing, band

    Love Me As I Am (Tocker) - Mahinaarangi Tocker (taken from the TriStar CD Mahinaarangi), followed by all performers including GALS, the Gay and Lesbian Singers Auckland

    Ko Te Nau Parahahi (Kīngi Te Ahoaho Tāhiwi) - Hinewairangi Tocker, Kīmai Tocker, Huirangi Tocker

    Band: Jol Mulholland (leader, guitar), Mike Hall (bass), Matthias Jordan (keys), Alexander Freer (drums)

    String Quartet: Charmian Keay, Alex Taylor (violins), Sophie Buxton (viola), Claire Cowan (cello)

    String arrangements by Claire Cowan

    Kaikarakia: Mera Lee-Penehira

    Taonga pūoro: Sharon Hawke

    Creative Director for Auckland Arts Festival: Tama Waipara

    For RNZ:

    Producer: Tim Dodd; Recording and mixing engineer: Adrian Hollay